Life With Cason AND Molly

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer 2015

Another summer has come and gone! The kids and I stayed really busy. I feel like we were never home but the fun activities made it worth it!  Here is a run down of some of things we did.

  • Hawaiian Falls- for Christmas my parents gave me and the kids season passes to Hawaiian Falls ( a local water park). We went about once a week. The kids loved it!
    Cason and Beau

    Molly and Ava

  • swim lessons- both Cason and Molly are swimming by themselves! We still have to keep an eye on Molly but Cason is independent!
  • swimming-We really didn't go to our neighborhood pool that much this year because of Hawaiian Falls but when we did, the kids had a blast! We also swam at Grandad and BeBe's a couple of times. 
    Swimming with Wade and Colin
  • Summer Camps at church and VBS
  • Going to the public library to read to Abby, a service dog. 
  • Molly went to tumbling
  • Cason had soccer and football camps
  • We took a trip to the zoo with Aunt Tory, Travis and Jake

    Casons favorite things. Skeletons of zoo animals.

  • We had a water balloon fight

  • and our trips to Lubbock and Hawaii

Summer is over. I have already gone back to work and the kids will start back in a week. Cason will be in first grade and Molly in pre-k! EEEK

Until next summer,
Summer Sarah 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hawaii Day 7 {Aloha Kauai}

Luckily the day we were flying home was another full day in Kauai. Our plane didn't leave until 10:30 pm so we made the best of the time we had left. All of us met for breakfast at the quaint cafe in another town. They had excellent breakfast and coffee! After breakfast Toby, the kids and I drove up the to the north coast to see the sites. I had been wanting to do that the entire time we were there so there's no better time than the last day! It was a beautiful drive and we stopped several times to watch the waves. The waves that were HUGE. The entire time we where in Hawaii Hurricane Guillermo was heading straight for us. Eventually it weakened into a tropical storm and then veered away from us. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to experience a hurricane. I know, I'm weird. I wasn't too disappointed though because we were able to enjoy the outside without the rain that the storm would have brought us. The storm did bring us crazy surf. The waves were huge and beautiful. I could have spent all day watching them. The riptides were so bad that they had to close part of the beach close to our condo.
Breakfast. Have I mentioned I love eating outside? There is something so relaxing about it. I could eat outside every meal. 

On our drive up the coast we stopped to see this lighthouse. It isn't in use anymore but it was neat to see. 

The views from the lighthouse were awesome

These trees were everywhere. I don't remember their name but I loved them!

This is the tree tunnel. It was close to Poi-p and we drove through it a couple of times during our stay. 
 When we got back from our drive we let the kids swim in the pool one last time. Toby swam, I watched :). Then we ate lunch, got ice cream and went to watch the waves one last time.

Not sure what this was all about. Love this kid!

Good by Hawaii
 We left our condo around 6 pm and headed to the airport. We took the red eye to LA and got there about 5 am. I think most of us were able to get a little sleep on the flights back.
A picture of the mainland as the sun came up. 

Hawaii Day 6 {Last Day in Paradise}

Our last full day and night in Hawaii were pretty low key. We went to the beach at the condo in the morning, swam a little in the pool and then went out to each lunch with my parents. After lunch the 4 of us headed out for some more shopping. Then we just took it easy in the condo for the rest of the afternoon and evening. It felt good to relax.
I had to document the chickens. They were every where. At the condo, on the side of the roads, at shopping centers. 

Mermaid Camille and Mermaid Molly

Our view from the restaurant we ate lunch at.