Life With Cason AND Molly

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Nothings happening...... :(
With one week to go I figured I would start feeling like things were changing. But NO! Everything is still the same. I have been joking that I have an iron gate inside me and everything is locked up tight. Cason is VERY comfortable. Toby and I have been researching ways to make me go into labor. Here are some of the suggestions:

1. walking (we walked around Firewheel today and I walk everyday at school)
2. spicy food (haven't tired)
3. driving on a bumpy rode (Toby suggested we drive around the Target parking lot and go over the speed bumps over and over again-haven't tired)
4. caster oil (ewww, gross, I don't want the side effects of that)
5. my sister thinks that bouncing on an exercise ball would work too, but can't you see the ball shooting out from underneath me? Maybe that would send me into labor.

We do go to the doctor tomorrow but I am very doubtful that anything has changed since last week. Our doctor seems pretty confident that I will make it to 41 weeks. I am not going to wait that long. We have decided to induce on Nov. 18 if Cason hasn't decided to make his appearance.
Here are some pictures of Cason's room. I am still working on an art project to hang over his crib but everything else is ready!

Alicia came to see us today! It was very good to see her! Also, here is what could be Toby and my last pregnancy picture. I think I might actually miss being pregnant a little bit!

Here are our bags all packed, but with nowhere to go!