Life With Cason AND Molly

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Summer 2017

We had a busy but fun summer. Besides going to Mexico and Florida the kids had Vacation Bible School, sport camps, music camp, and swim lessons. We also spent a lot of time at Hawaiian Falls. I wish summer could last all year long!
Molly attended our Church Music Spectacular. She took art and hip hop classes as well as learned songs for the musical. This is her performing her hip hop moves. 

Grandad and BeBe came to watch.

It just so happened that Granny, Aunt Tory, Starla, Travis and Jake were all in town to visit and they came to watch Molly too. 

This is Cason and his Pine Cove counselor "Bites"

We hosted 3 Pine Cove counselors for the week. It was a great opportunity to minister to these sweet college girls while they ministered to our children. I would definitely do it again! 

Molly and her counselor "Breaks"

Toby and I started off the summer the right way by seeing U2 in concert! It was the last day of school and was so much fun! I might have enjoyed it a tad more than Toby!  

Cason participated in Track Camp and loved every minute of it!  

He also took a golf camp which he thought was fun. 

While Cason was at a sleepover Molly, Toby and I took at walk in the rain. She got to splash in the puddles. 

Hawaiian Falls Fun 

Cason conquored his fear of the tallest slides at HF. It took him about 30 min to go down but he finally did it! 

Zoo time with the cousins

Cason and I went to six flags with Travis and Starla. This was us on the Texas Swings. Cason loved it but I was about to pass out! 

Toby took the kids fishing a couple of times over the summer. 

Fort Walton 2017

Our family LOVES the beach! A few years ago we stayed in Destin. This year we decided to stay in Fort Walton Florida. Just about 6 miles up the road from Destin. Our condo was right on the beach. We would walk downstairs and be out on the sand. It was awesome to not have to worry about bringing lunches with us. We could just go right back up, rest, eat and go back to the beach. We were there for 7 days and even took our nephew Travis with us. There was one downside to the vacation. The "June Grass" had come in. June Grass is basically A TON of seaweed that floats in the water. It turned the normally turquoise water and green color and it STUNK! The first few days we just dealt with it. We had to spend a little more time rinsing out our swim suits but it was no big deal. The 3rd day was when the dead fish started floating up on the beach. Apparently the seaweed chokes them out. We couldn't even walk close to the water without stepping on dead fish. It was GROSS. The 3rd day I paddle boarded and didn't get in the water. Toby and the kids tried to swim but it was too gross for them. The fourth day was a little stormy and we ended up playing put put golf. The 5th day we decided to drive to Destin to Miramar Beach to see how the beaches were and they were perfect! We stayed there on the beautiful clean sand and gorgeous turquoise water all day. The next day we went to a state park in Destin. It was the best beach I have ever been to. There were a lot of fish and we saw several sting rays. It was a perfect way to end our vacation!

Cason loved "mining for shark teeth, fossils and minerals". That was his souvenir

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Everyone eating snow cones on the pier in Destin. It was HOT that day!  

Molly ate her first crab legs and LOVED them. Yuck! She is a daddy's girl for sure. 

We saw a dolphin swimming while walking on the fishing pier in Fort Walton.

Oh my. 

Eating ice cream at one of our favorite ice cream places in Destin. 

Put Put Golf! 

And some arcade time 

I loved watching storms from our balcony. 

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Night swimming in the pool became the kids favorite thing to do. 

This was my favorite thing to do! I could stay out there for hours! 

A view of our condo from my paddle board.