Life With Cason AND Molly

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Boy and His Dog

Cason LOVES Hercules. At first he would just watch him walk by, then he started to smile at him. Now Cason laughs, squeals, and screams at him. Toby takes Cason and helps him chase Hercules. Poor Hercy is still trying to figure out what to do. If he tries to play back then he gets scolded because he might accidently bite. So he pretty much just sits there and takes the Cason abuse!

In other news, Cason met my kids at school this week. They have been trying to earn meeting him as an award and they FINALLY did it!

They thought he was really cute!
In other, other news, Cason has his first virus. Last weekend we noticed that he was much more fussy then he normally his. He kept having a temp. of 99.9 and we would give him Tylenol and that seemed to help. We took him to the Dr. on Tuesday and she said that he as teething. Yes, we were THOSE parents who took their child to the dr. b/c they were teething. Then on Wed. night I noticed that Cason was getting a rash and by Thurs. it was MUCH worse. Toby took him to the dr. yesterday and they tested him for strep which came back negative. Praise the Lord! But she said that he had a virus and his rash would probably get worse before it gets better and there is nothing that we could do for him. How sad. The rash looks much better today and this entire time Cason hasen't seemed to even notice that he had one besides being a little bit fussy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

5 months old and Easter

Part 1

Today is Cason's 5 month birthday! I amazed daily by all the changes I see in him.
It's offical, I can't turn my back on him for 1 second. If I do he has rolled clear across the room. He likes to spit and make razzing sounds with his lips. He thinks it's really fun to spit his cereal all over the place! He also has a lot to say. I love to sit and listen to him talk. He loves screaming at his dad. Not because he's mad but because it's fun. He also likes to watch TV and has taken an interest in Baby Einstein.
Here is his 5 month picture

Part 2
We went to College Station for Easter. Even though it was a short weekend we had a good time. For some reason I don't have any good pictures of Cason in his Easter outfit on Easter day. Cason went to church with us and did a great job sleeping through the service. He only tooted once!
Easter had a different meaning to me this year. Knowing that God sent his only Son to die on the cross and take away our sins if we ask is so amazing to me. I could never imgaine knowing that would be Cason's fate.
Here are some Easter pictures

Sunday, April 5, 2009

1st Attempt at Bluebonnet Pictures

Yesterday we took Cason to get his first bluebonnet pictures taken. It was a little challenging becuase he can't sit up by himself yet and I was worried about bees and snakes getting him! It was also really windy and Cason likes to "taste" the wind so there were a lot of pictures with his mouth open and his eyes closed.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grandad and BeBe Came to Visit

My mom and dad came to visit this past weekend. Cason was spoiled rotten and so were Toby and I. My parents let us sleep late! YEA! I think it's weird that sleeping to 9 is sleeping late these days. A couple of years ago that would have been waking up early! I'm getting old.....
Grandad, BeBe, and the boys

Cason and Reid hangin at the restaurant

Cute Pics of the Week
Cason playing in his bumbo

Cason on his tummy