Life With Cason AND Molly

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Molly's First Birthday Party!

On Saturday Molly had her first birthday party. I think she had a pretty good time! I went a little crazy thanks to something called Pinterest :). Her party was owl themed just like her room. Granny, Papaw, BeBe, Grandad, Aunt Allison, Uncle Brian, Reid, Camille, "Aunt" Beth, Sally Loyd, Eric Loyd, Beau, Ava, Myrna, and Luke all came to celebrate with Molly. We were blessed to have them! Of course Toby, Cason and I were there too!

My mom made Molly's onesie and bloomers. I ordered her tutu off of Etsy (another obsession)

I made her cupcakes with a little help from my mom!

I had her cake made by the girl who does my hair. She did a WONDERFUL job. I can't get over how cute it looks. She even matched the owl on Molly's invitation! If you ever need a cake, I will give you her name!

I made her birthday banner. Thank goodness I had spring break to work on all of these things or else I wouldn't have been able to pull them off! I also wouldn't have been able to do most of this stuff without the help of my mom. Thanks BeBe!

Does it look like this girl has trouble eating?? She LOVED the cupcake!

Molly had fun opening her presents.

These are the party favors people got to take home with them.

Last but not least, we had a little arts and crafts time. I guess this was the teacher in me coming out!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Most Favorite Place On Earth

It's Spring Break and the kid's and I packed up and went with my parents to Arkansas to see my Geema. She lives outside of Fayetteville and it is truly my most favorite place on earth. I spent a few weeks out of every summer there as well as other holidays. I have such wonderful memories of this place and I wanted to share it with my kids. When I went to Arkansas I would spend from sun up to sun down playing outside. I am so thankful that Cason and Molly could share in some of the things that I used to do.

We went for walks, played in the dirt, looked at cows, played on a tractor, and rode in the back of my dad's truck on the dirt roads. By the end of each day Cason was covered from head to toe in dirt. Molly had her fair share of fun too. She even had a taste of dirt! Yuck! It was great to spend time with my Geema. I think she is going to sleep really well now that we are gone! We wore her out! My parents were pretty worn out too!

The fresh air must have been great for Molly because she FINALLY said mama and started walking a lot. Toby commented that even though we had been gone for only 4 days it felt like weeks because of all the changes in Molly. She also slept through the night every night we were there. I really doubt that will last because as I type this she is crying in her bed. Maybe I should take her to Arkansas more often!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

11 Months Old!

Miss Molly is 11 months old. In one short month she will be 1 year old! I have actually teared up a couple of times because this past year has gone by so fast. We don't have a little bitty baby anymore!

Molly is as busy as ever. She is always on the move and can crawl so fast. I often have to go look for her. By the time I find her she has crawled across the house! She has also taken her first steps. She isn't full out walking yet but it won't be long! She likes to hold on to my pants leg and walk beside me but she too scared to let go!

Molly has 4 teeth right now and she is cutting 3 more as we speak. Her hair is getting sooooo long and curly! I'm not sure where she gets the curls from. I have to pull her hair up in a ponytail every day now to keep it out of her eyes. It hangs down to her nose! She HATES having her hair pulled up!

I think her eating issues are getting a little better. She qualified for ECI (early childhood intervention) and is receiving eating therapy. We are tying to get her to eat more table food and drink less formula. She isn't moving her tongue side to side like she should and doesn't chew much. They tested her in all areas and she did great in her cognitive and physical areas. She is actually above her age in the cognitive areas. We have a smart girl! By the looks of this picture you would think she has no trouble eating! I know in time she will get better! She is also doing a good job at drinking from a sippy cup!

This last picture reminds me of an 80's punk rocker. (Molly you can hate me for this when you are older, I give you permission!)