Life With Cason AND Molly

Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Orleans

After leaving Destin we spent the night in New Orleans. It was our first time to New Orleans as well. Honestly, I am not a fan of NOLA. The architecture and history of the city were amazing but it was DIRTY! I love big cities but not this one. There were homeless men doing drugs on the sidewalk right outside our hotel and vomit on the sidewalks. Gross! We went to Bourbon Street first and I only made it 2 blocks in before I was ready to leave. I was having  sensory overload! After winding our way through downtown in the rain we finally made it to Jackson Square. It was beautiful there and we ended up eating good food and enjoying ourselves! 

Bourbon Street


All 6 of us at Jackson Squre

Grandad and BeBe by the Mississippi River. My dad was super excited to see how the Mississippi was at a higher elevation than the City of New Orleans. 

The kid's favorite part of NOLA was riding the trolley. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Destin Vacation!

For our summer vacation we went to Destin Florida! It was our first time to Destin and the kid's first time to see a beach and the ocean. They LOVED it! The sand was so white and the water was a beautiful aqua and emerald color.  I was a little worried about how they would react to the waves and the salt water but they dove right in and had a blast. Bebe and Grandad came along for the fun as well! We stayed in a condo on Miramar Beach right across the street from the beach that had a prefect view and a short walk to the water. Most days we would go to the beach in the morning, come inside for lunch and quiet time and then go back to the beach in the late afternoon. It was perfect! When we weren't on the beach we took walks on the scenic road, ate at restaurants within walking distance, watched weddings on the beach from our balcony, ate ice cream and went on a dolphin cruise. We couldn't have asked for a better vacation and will definitely go back very soon!
One of Cason's favorite things to do in the water was to ride the waves. On several occasions I actually heard him yell, "Let's catch some waves!". 

Molly stayed pretty close to the waters edge most of the time. She had fun darting in and out of the water. 

Bebe in the sun!

Molly playing in the sand. I think she was pretending to be a puppy dog and this was the dog bed.  

Grandad and Cason

BeBe and Molly

Miss Sassy

If we weren't watching, Cason would go pretty far out by himself. He's not that great of a swimmer yet but he sure felt comfortable in the ocean!

Toby and Cason spent a good 2 hours one day catching fish and looking for shells. 

This picture made me laugh because it looks like Toby and I are playing in the sand by our selves. We were actually trying to build a sandcastle with the kids but they were more interested in playing in the water! 

One afternoon we went on a Dolphin Cruise

Molly and me started feeling sea sick. No fun. 

Cason driving the boat!

Molly rebounded from her sea sickness for about 30 seconds when it was her turn to drive the boat. 
Grandad and BeBe enjoying the ride. 

We saw several dolphins! This was a mom and her baby. 

Just about every night we were in Destin we went out hunting for Ghost Crabs. The first night we saw one or two. After that we went and bought some nets and caught a ton of crabs! This was by far Cason's favorite thing to do. Molly screamed when they would run at her but she had fun walking along the beach at night. We stayed out way past the kid's bedtime each night but it was worth it!
These are what the Ghost Crabs look like. We caught some as big as Toby's hands but they were too big to put in the bucket. Don't worry, at the end of our crab hunt we released them back on the sand!
Story time with Grandad and BeBe

Ice cream at the cutest local ice cream shop! 

Someone was super proud of her Dino Sundae! 

This was our last night in Destin. We enjoyed our stay so much!