Life With Cason AND Molly

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Molly Rolled Over

Last week ( July 19, 2011) I took Molly to school with me while I did some work on my classroom. I laid her down on a cushion and it took her less than 5 min. to roll over onto her tummy! Our custodian, Asunta, witnessed it with me!
She did it some more later that day but hasn't done it since. I think it is because she is too interested in sucking on her toes!

She's thinking about it...

Almost there, she just needs to get that arm out from under her!

She did it!!!

My little smarty pants!

Little Chef

Staying at home with Cason and Molly this summer has been challenging. I have stretched my brain trying to find ways to entertain Cason. One of our daily activities is helping me cook. He loves to help me fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We just pull up a stool to the counter and he has a front row view for the culinary creations that I create. (ha ha).
We have made cookies, muffins, pigs in a blanket, quesadillas, tacos, spaghetti, pita chips, soup and many many more things. This was Cason's favorite lunch by far. I saw the idea on one of my friends facebook page. It's octopus and seaweed. I have seen people make octopus out of hot dogs but I have never thought about making seaweed with ramen noodles. He LOVES it!

Cason also helps his BeBe and Geema cook at my parents house. Just last night he made himself a salad with lettuce, cheese, carrots, vinegar and apple juice (weird). My parents bought this cool stool made to put in the kitchen so the grandkids can watch what's going on without getting hurt.

Yard Boy

This summer we have discovered that Cason LOVES yard tools. Lawn mowers, blowers,weed eaters and edgers. He has an obsession with them. When we are driving down the road and he sees someone doing yard works he starts yelling about lawn mowers and such!
He got a new toy lawn mower this summer which he adores.
Here is Cason helping his daddy with the yard work.

Here is Cason at Sears (this is like Disneyland for him!). We take him to Sears to look at all the yard tools and shop vacs. I forgot to mention that he loves shop vacs too! He has moved on from regular lawn mowers to riding lawn mowers. I don't know many times a day I hear, "Mama, I want a blue riding lawn mower." I tell him he can get one when he is older.

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 4, 2011

As we do almost every 4th of July we made our way to Lubbock to visit Toby's family. The kids did great traveling even though our 6 hour trip took 8 hours both ways. We did our usual Lubbock activities like eat at Taco Villa, hang out with family, eat at Taco Villa, shop, eat at Taco Villa and go to the parade. Ok, only 1 of us ate at Taco Villa 3 different times and it wasn't me, Cason or Molly.

Here are some pictures on the 4th

I thought that Cason would love going to the Lubbock parade. I was right! It was full of everything he loved! Tractors, horses, dogs, lawn mowers, fire trucks, and police cars.

Monday, July 4, 2011

3 Month Cutie

Miss Molly turned 3 months old last week! I know I say this a lot but she is a great baby! She is very laid back and happy.

These are her nicknames:
Molly Mo
Missy Pants
Miss Molly
Molly Girl

3 Month Picture

I was brushing my teeth one morning and walked in to the living room to find this. Her big brother loves to play with her!

Happy Girl

She tried out her bumbo for the first time

Here she is wrapped up in her miracle blanket. We call her burrito baby just like her brother.

Molly and Cason wathing TV. I laid her down and she watched Cars for 45 min.!

Happy Dada Day!

We had a pretty laid back Father's Day this year. We grilled out with my family and Toby wanted to go to Toys R Us to buy Cason a toy lawn mower because that is how great of a dad he is! Cason ran around yelling Happy Dada's Day the entire day!

Top 3 Reasons Cason Loves His Dada
1. He loves him unconditionally
2. He lets him help with yard work
3. He can wrestle like a champ!

Top 3 Reasons Molly Loves Her Daddy
1. He is wrapped around her fingers
2. He gives her a ton of hugs and kisses
3. He can talk baby talk with her. Lot's of cooing and gurgling goes on in our house.

Top 3 Reasons Why I Think Toby is a Great Father
1. He will drop anything he is doing to be with his kids.
2. His sense of humor always makes them happy.
3. He is a great spiritual leader.