Life With Cason AND Molly

Monday, July 29, 2013

First Trip to the Dentist

You can judge me.....I FINALLY took Cason to the dentist and Molly came too! I was a little nervous about how they would react but they both did great! Cason didn't cry at all and when it was Molly's turn she climbed right up in the chair. She did awesome until the dentist looked in her mouth with a mirror then she was over it. Over all it was a breeze!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The 4th of July in Lubbock

We traveled to Lubbock to celebrate the 4th of July with Papaw, Granny and the rest of the Stunkard's. We had a great time and Cason and Molly LOVED playing with their cousins. This is the first time that Cason has REALLY played with them. I look forward to seeing them all play together for many more years!
We woke up to a beautiful double rainbow!

We went to watch the Lubbock 4th of July parade. It was SOOOOO cold! It had rained that morning and the wind was blowing. The temperature was in the low 60's. What is the deal with all of this cool weather in July?

Waiting for the parade to start. Aunt Tory and Travis met up with us later.

This disturbed me.....

All of the cousins came over to play and put on a show for us. This is the them performing the Harlem Shake!

We ended the day with some sparklers. It was a fun long weekend!

4th of July Parade

A couple of days before the 4th of July my parents neighborhood had their 4th of July parade and festival. A cool front had blown through the day before and the weather was AWESOME! I think it was in the 80's which is unheard of in July! We had a great time celebrating the 4th with Grandad, BeBe, and the McFarlands!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our New House!

We are finally in our new house! It took us much longer than expected and caused us a lot of stress for a few weeks. From a delayed closing date (not our fault) to the previous owners not moving out by our move in date (also not our fault). After involving a lawyer we were finally able to move in the second week of June! We had to replace some of the carpet and Toby and I painted Molly's room, Cason's room, the laundry room, our master closet (it smelled like moth balls SOOOOO bad!), and I still have to paint Cason's bathroom. I know I have said this before but we owe our amazing parents a HUGE thank you. To my parents, thank you for letting us live with you and for taking care of the kids while we where moving and painting. To Tommy and Tina, thank you for helping us move all of our stuff into our house on an unexpected weekend.
 The official tour. Ignore all of the clutter everywhere. We are still unpacking and organizing!
Our first night staying at the house!
Our POD being delivered.
I think the POD was Cason and Molly's favorite thing about moving! They loved watching it!

the kitchen

family room

Cason's room. We still have to add chair rail between the beige and red.
The living room that has no furniture and probably won't have any furniture for a while!

Master bedroom

master bath

The dining room that we have turned into an office. Everyone needs a chandelier in their office!

Molly's bathroom

Molly's room. We will probably add chair rail to it as well.

Guest bedroom

Our screened in back porch. I LOVE it! It is usually cool enough out here to play in the middle of the afternoon and there are no bugs!!

Part of the backyard. I wasn't crazy about the palm tree at first but it is growing on me!

A laundry room!!! Our last house had a laundry "closet" so having a big laundry room is awesome! I hope we can keep it cleaner than it is right now!

Our upstairs play room and when the kids are older media room.

Mothers and Fathers Day

I just wanted to prove that we celebrated Mothers Day and Fathers Day this year. We didn't do much for either. We did yard work on Mothers Day and Fathers Day was moving day for us. Ha! Oh well, the most is important reason is why we celebrate these days. These 2 stinkers made us a mother and father and we couldn't be prouder! Let's not forget our mothers and fathers who brought us into this world, raised us in a Godly home, love us unconditionally, let us move in with them for 7 weeks and spend their Fathers Day weekend moving heavy furniture in humidity and heat. Our parents have been a great model for us and we can only hope to give Cason and Molly what they gave us!