Life With Cason AND Molly

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Pictures from Grandad's Point of View

2012 was a great year and we are looking forward to a wonderful 2013! Happy New Year to you!
These are some pictures from my dad's camera. Yes, my children are not only stalked by my camera but my dad's too! Now you know where I get it from! (my dad is a much better photographer than I am)

Sunday, December 30, 2012


I have to document this for the future. I am not going to ever let Cason live this down.

A couple of weeks ago Cason BROKE MY NOSE. For real! I was wrestling/tickling him and he head butted me in the face. I knew immediately that something wasn't right and it hurt SOOO bad. It never bled or swelled and didn't look that bad so I initially thought it was ok. BUT I had so much pain and it kept me awake at night so I went to the ER the next day to get an x-ray. Sure enough, it was broken. Sigh. Since my nasal passage wasn't compromised or I didn't have any noticeable problems they sent me on my way with pain meds and an antibiotic. Fun times.

And yes, Cason did feel horrible. He cried just as much as I did when it happened. I felt bad for crying in front of him but it HURT!

See? Not bad at all! I had a tiny bit of bruising and swelling on one side but that's it. It was broken across the bridge of my nose right below my eyes.

A reenactment (except he didn't punch me but this was much more dramatic!)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Chirstmas 2012!

We had another wonderful Christmas celebrating our Savior's Birth! We spent Christmas with my parents and my sisters family this year. It was a perfect day and it even snowed! This is our second white Christmas in a row! Cason and Molly are going to think this is normal!
Reid and Cason

The cousins modeling their Christmas pajama's. Do you see my new nephew Bennett? He is camouflaged!

BeBe and Molly hanging out

Miss Molly trying to wake up on Christmas morning!

He was very happy with the gift that Santa left for him!

Molly enjoying her cake that we made for Jesus' Birthday
Whoo Hoo! Snow!!!

The only family picture we have on Christmas Day

Molly did NOT like the snow

My sister and I

Grandad and the 3 oldest grand kids

 And because I never got around to posting about our visit to see Santa, here ya go! 

Santa reading Cason's wish list. He laughed out loud several times!

Cason's Wish List for Santa

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Best Day Ever

Today would probably rank in the top 5 of Cason's Best Days Ever. The City of Rowlett was celebrating the grand opening of their DART Station. To celebrate they had free DART rides, Touch A Truck, Lighting of Christmas lights on Main St. and fireworks.  Grandad and BeBe came and we invited Reid because we knew he would love it too. After riding the train, seeing all the trucks, playing in a bounce house and looking at a petting zoo we ate dinner in the back of my dad's truck and watched the fireworks. All of these things combined into 1 day was so much fun!

Riding the DART train.

Molly hanging from the rails of the train. She was holding on by herself! She did this over and over again and had the people in our car laughing. I think we may have a little gymnast!

A dream come true for Cason! Getting to see and climb in and on a REAL trash truck!

The boys in a sewer truck. YUCK!

Playing in a SWAT truck

Experiencing the back seat of a police car. They are NOT comfortable! I didn't think it would be a great ride but I could hardly fit in there and they had plastic seats. Who knew???

Look carefully, Reid is driving :)

Sitting on a riding lawnmower. A couple of summers ago this would have been Cason's favorite vehicle.

Reid is driving the RV and Cason is in the passanger seat.

Watching the fireworks.