Life With Cason AND Molly

Friday, September 28, 2012

Molly is 18 Months!

Miss Molly is 18 months today! She is growing and changing so much every day. I like to call her Little Miss Independent. She wants to do everything her way on her own time. She has the cutest and sweetest personality and loves to snuggle on her own terms! Molly still idolizes her brother. I am sure one day this will change but for now she wants to do everything he does. This girl LOVES shoes. She wants to try on every pair of shoes she sees even if they are way too big. She likes to wear my flip flops and put her toes between the straps and everything. She also loves babies. She's not really into playing with baby dolls yet but whenever she sees a baby she will say "baby". Even if it is a child her age, she still calls him or her a baby. There is a little newborn baby at Myrna's house and Myrna says she likes to look at him and help bring him things he needs. If she sees a picture of a baby in a book or magazine she points it out too. One last thing, Molly loves to dance and does the cutest/spastic dance every. Pretty much every time she here's music of any kind she will start waving her arms and "dancing". I see dance classes in her future!

23 pounds
32 inches tall

Molly is talking more and more each day. Here are her words that I can remember.
Mama, Dada, Buba, BeBe, Grandad, Papaw, Thank You (said na noo), shoes (go figure), ewie, please (said pees), water, yum yums (food), diaper, no no, poo poo, peepee, knock knock, baby, bad dog (she hears that a lot!), kitty, down, hi, bye bye, and hello.

wearing shoes with pajamas

making snow angles with buba

eating at the table like a big girl!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Festival

This Saturday we went to Plano's Hot Air Balloon Festival with the kids. It was our first time and we had a blast! We went with our small group from church so there were a lot of other kids for our kids to play with! We sat on a hill (a really steep hill!) and had a perfect view of the balloons. They lifted off about 6 then most of them came back for the night "burn". We didn't get to stay for the actual "burn" but we got a pretty good idea of what it was going to be like!