Life With Cason AND Molly

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Photography By Starla

Over the Thanksgiving break and Christmas break we were lucky enough to have Toby's cousin Starla take our family pictures. She also took the kid's pictures at the fire station. She is a great photographer and Cason LOVES here. They are best buddies! This will be picture overload but this will be the last entry of our 2012 blog book that I am about to publish.

Floydada Fire Staion

While we were in Lubbock celebrating Christmas and the New Year Starla, Toby's cousin, invited us out to Floydada to see the fire station where her husband works/volunteers at. Floydada is a small-ish West Texas town. They have a volunteer fire department and I learned a lot about it! They had around 10 trucks at their station. A lot of the trucks were grass fire fighting trucks. The kids had a blast crawling in and out of the fire trucks and we even got to go on a short ride in one of them! Cason also shot a little water out of a fire house.

Cason and Molly playing on the antique fire truck.

Cason sitting in the command chair the Emergency Command Center.

We are riding in a REAL fire truck!

Travis and Cason

Fireman Randell helping Cason squirt some water out of the fire hose.

Molly playing with an ax. What? Is there a problem with this?

One of Floydada's grass fire fighting trucks. It is named Shrek.

Cason thought the tanker truck was really cool!

Bye Bye Floydada FD

Christmas/New Years in Lubbock

After Christmas here in the Dallas Area we went up to Lubbock to celebrate with Toby's family. We had a good time and it was good to get away as usual! One of the presents that Granny and Papaw gave the kids was a super hero mask and cape. They both LOVED it!

Molly and Papaw

Cason wearing his tractor pajamas and riding on a tractor. I think the boy loves tractors!

My little super hero's

Cason and Granny