Life With Cason AND Molly

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer's Over :(

I love my job, don't get me wrong, but since going back to work this week I have been wishing it were already summer again! It's weird to think that this was my last summer as a "free" woman. From here on out I will always have a child with me! I took the time to do something this summer that won't happen for many many more years. Let's see if you can guess which activity is was.
My summer activities
1. Got Sick
2. Slept
3. Went to Lubbock to spend time with Toby's family for the 4th of July
4. Slept
5. Went on a cruise to the Bahama's and Key West with Toby and my family
6. Slept
7. Got Sick again
8. Slept
9. Started to get ready to go back to school.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

There's No Question Cason's A Boy

As you can see in the pictures below Cason is 100% boy. At our 19 wk sono. we knew we were going to find our the sex of our baby. He wasn't very cooperative. His umbilical cord was between his legs and the sono tech couldn't get him to kick it free. She pushed on my belly, made me lay on my side, and then made me go to the bathroom. Nothing worked. FINALLY she got a side view picture (she usually tried to get a between the legs picture).

I have had to have 2 more sonograms since then. The 23 wk one was b/c Cason had 2 cysts in his brain which are fairly common and have since gone away. The 25 wk one was b/c I had been sick and dehydrated and was having some cramping (everything was ok). This was the picture that confirmed to us that Cason is 100% boy!

This is a underneath the butt shot. The sono tech said he had a "hard on", her words, not mine! I didn't even know they could do that in -utero. Toby is so proud, he thinks Cason's man part is almost as long as this thigh. Boys.......

Sunday, August 10, 2008

How Cason Came To Be.....

Get your heads out of the gutter! I am not going to talk about THAT!
In February Toby and I decided it was time to expand our little family and who knew it happen so fast? On March 11th, Toby and I were in spin class at the gym. I was doing fine when all of the sudden I got nauseous. I thought I might be getting over heated since I always tried to keep my heart rate in the 180's. Then I started feeling really sick and I had to leave to go to the bathroom. After cooling off for 5 min. I went back to spin class and finished it. The entire time I kept thinking it was really weird that I had that wave of nausea out of nowhere. I turned to Toby and told him that I planned on taking a pregnancy test when I got home. His response was to roll his eyes and pretty much ignore me. Now, to all you people who are thinking, "that's rude", I am the queen of pregnancy tests. It has been a long running joke that I have taken a test once a month since we have been married. I am not that bad, but I had taken quite a few. I was always paranoid. When we got home that night I went to take THE TEST. I peed on the stick, sat it down and expected it see 1 line. I did see 1 line at first but then this really really faint 2nd pink line crept into view. I sat there for a minute in shock, then yelled to Toby that I needed him to look at the test b/c I thought I saw 2 lines. Toby looked at it and confirmed that there were 2 lines there but the 2nd one you could barely see. I think both of our jaws hit the floor knowing the possibility that we could be pregnant. We decided we needed to go to Wal-Mart right away to get another test. On the way there we called my parents and then Toby's sister Tory, to ask her if she knew anything about pregnancy tests. I also downed 2 bottles of water knowing I was going to have to pee in a couple minutes. At Wal-Mart we decided that we needed a digital test b/c it actually said Pregnant/Not Pregnant and we didn't want to try to figure out those pesky lines again. We went home, took a test and it said PREGNANT! Oh my gosh!!!!! I took another one the next morning just to make sure :). After going to the Dr. the next day we confirmed that we were going to have a little Stunkard !

I had to document what my stomach looked like before it got big. It may never look like this again!

Skip forward a few months and this is our sweet Cason at 25 wks. I think he's smiling!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's About Time!

I have been trying to start a blog since May. It has taken me 2 months partly because I am computer illiterate and partly because I may be slightly ADD! So, to all the people who keep asking me when I am going to create a blog here it is! I should of started this sooner so I would have time to blog this summer. Now that school is fixing to start we will see how dedicated I am!

As most of you know Toby and I are expecting our first child in November. We are having a baby boy and we are naming him Cason David Stunkard. There will be lots more about Cason later. So stay tuned!