Life With Cason AND Molly

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Molly!

This past Thursday Molly turned 2! She woke up saying, "It's my birday!". To make her day as special we stopped at McDonald's to get a special birthday breakfast, Myrna had an Easter egg hunt, I fixed her some of her favorite foods for dinner (macaroni and cheese and strawberries) and then we ate a cookies and cream ice cream cake.

At her 2 year well visit Molly weighed 25 lbs. and was 34 in. tall. She is talking up a storm. Saying things like, "I'm 2, Bubba's 4", "I'm hungee", "I want a drink", "Dada's at home", Where's Bebe?", "Doggie night night".  She will repeat pretty much anything that she hears. One day while we were driving we drove past something that stunk. From the back seat I heard this cute little girly voice say, "Mama it's a skunk". It made me laugh so hard! She is learning her colors and can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Molly LOVES and idolizes her big brother. She tries to do the same things he does, often getting her into trouble. She likes to play with his cars and trucks and to run around with him. She's pretty fast and is getting better at keeping up with him! Even though she likes to hang out with her "bubba" she is still very girly. She LOVES babies. Real babies and baby dolls (or baby de-olls as she calls them). She likes to rock her babies, pat their backs, kiss them, and even spank them and say "bad baby". Her favorite TV show is Olivia and when she watches it she will go get a pillow and blanket and then pat the couch beside her so I will come and cuddle.

Molly is also very loving. At any point of the day she will come up and kiss me just because. It melts my heart every time!  As I mentioned Molly is such a sweet and loving little girl but she has a temper! Her fits are epic. A lot of spitting, crying, and blood curdling screaming. But as soon as she has everything all worked out she is back to her cute, silly, loving self. Her dada and I  love her so so much and as annoying as they are we even love her fits. I was talking to someone about Molly being strong willed and they reminded me that God gives people the personality traits that they will need through out their life. God wants Molly to be strong willed and opinionated! We are excited to see what she does with her life!
Birthday Dinner

Molly eating the cookie off the top of the cake. This girl LOVES cookies. I wish you could hear her say," I want cookie".

We gave Molly her very own pair of rain boots since her and Cason are always fighting over his. She loves any style, size, color of shoe. She will try to wear them all!

Since she loves her babies so much we splurged and gave her and American Girl Bitty Baby.

She loves it!

 These next few pictures are from the past couple of months.

Always a helper!

Look at those eyes!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Moees Birday

Yes, I spelled that incorrectly! That is what we heard all day today because it was Molly's birthday party day and she was SOOOO excited. All week long she kept saying it was her birthday. I can't believe in a few short days she will be 2! We originally planned to have her party at the same place we had Cason's party this year but it was rainy and cold. BOO! So very last minute my AMAZING parents suggested we have it at their house. It turned out really well! The most important thing was that Molly had a good time and she had a blast!
Molly's birthday was rainbow themed. I have confession. I love planning a themed party. I wish I could be a party planner but I don't think that would pay the bills!

Birthday Girl!

rainbow themed food (goldfish, trix crispy treats, fruit kabobs)

the cake ( I made it, it's not perfect but it is the best I have ever done!)

Molly hunting for eggs during the Easter egg hunt.

Cake time! She loved it when we sang happy birthday to her!

Surprise! There's polka dots in the cake!

Cason and Molly checking out their eggs.

Chatting cousins.
After we got home Molly had a blast playing with her new toys.

Molly playing with the baby doll crib Grandad and BeBe got her. Granny and Papaw got her a baby doll high chair too. She is all set to take care of her babies!

A perfect end to a perfect day. Snuggling with Granny.....

and Papaw!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break 2013

This years spring break was a lot like last years but just as fun! My parents and I took the kids to Arkansas to visit my Geema and Uncle Jimmy. We were there for 3 full days. It is important to me that Cason and Molly experience all the fun I would have at my Geema's house when I was younger. Arkansas will always hold a special place in my heart and I hope that one day the kiddo's will feel the same way too.
The kid's playing on one of my Papa's old trucks. It was so cold!

I think they were pretending to be dogs :)

The kids and Geema on one of the many walks that we went on.

Grandad trying to convince Cason and Molly to take a picture with him.

Story time with Geema.
Uncle Todd let Molly and Cason "drive" his tractor.

Cason was in Heaven!

Cason drove the big tractor right up to Uncle James' door to unload some supplies. Uncle James paid Cason 25 cents for a job well done!

It's not a trip to Arkansas without a ride in the back of a truck!
I thought this was a cute picture!
 4 generations!
Oh Cason. He has his father's sense of humor!
Cason and Molly playing on the tractor one last time before we left.

Back in Texas
These next pictures are from the rest of out spring break.
Being lazy and watching cartoons in the morning.
The weather was so nice when we got back that we had a picnic in the tree house.

We also did A LOT of yard work!