Life With Cason AND Molly

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving! We are spending the Thanksgiving in Lubbock with Toby's family.

My Thankful List:
1. My God who shows mercy and forgives me of my sins.
2. My husband Toby who loves and supports me no matter what.
3. My 2 amazing kids who amaze me every day.
4. My parents living close and having a wonderful relationship with my kids.
5. My sister living close who I get to share my thoughts with.
6. My extended family on both sides!
7. My new nephew being born TODAY! Bennett James McFarland 8lbs. 1 oz.
8. My friends
9. My church
10. My job and first grade team.

This year I asked Cason what he was thankful for starting on the first day of November. Here is his list

"I am thankful for..."
1. For Dada rubbing my feet
2. for our lives
3. rainy days (not lightening days)
4. Dada not being sick
5. new trash cans (he's obsessed with trash trucks and the city gave us new trash cans)
6. Herky (our dog)
7. getting new rocks from Don (our neighbor)
8. fire fighters putting out fires
9. crocodiles not eating me (not sure where this came from :))
10. Rosa's Tortilla Factory
11. birthday cake
12. leaves changing colors
13. God making my heart
14. Dada rubbing my back
15. vacuum cleaners
16. food and a house and cookies
17. Rainey coming to Myrna's house to play
18. a happy birthday (November 18 is his real birthday)
19. coming to Granny and Papaws house
20. my cement truck
21. Granny and Papaw
22. coming to Granny and Papaw's house ( he wanted to say this again)

Here are the only pictures I have of our time in Lubbock.
Granny bought Molly a stroller to push her babies around in. She LOVED it!

Cason going to feed the ducks and geese

This time of year the Canadian Geese fly through Lubbock. There were hundreds of them at the pond close to Granny and Papaw's house.
On the same note as Thanksgiving and being thankful for things; earlier this month Cason and went to several houses in our neighborhood to collect canned food for our church. It was such an awesome experience teaching Cason about how some people don't have food to eat and we have to help them because God wants us to help them. As we were going around to different houses I was explaining to them the organization that we were collecting food for. The name of the organization is God's Food Pantry. When we got home Cason told Toby that the food we collected was for God! I had to explain to him again that it wasn't for God that was the name of the place that would give needy people food! I love that kid! This is something we will be doing a lot of in the future!
Cason and some of the items we collected

Cason and Molly sorting some of the items

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cason is 4 Years Old!

On Sunday Cason turned 4! We are celebrating Thanksgiving at Granny and Papaw's house so we were able to have another birthday party with Toby's family. Cason woke up bright and early on Sunday morning and Toby and Papaw took Cason to pick out a donut. Of course he picked out one with chocolate icing and sprinkles. After breakfast Cason opened his presents from us. We gave him a spider man bike and tool truck with a jack hammer inside of it. It took a little while for Cason to get used to riding the bike but by the end of the day he was a pro! Toby's family came over dinner later and after dinner we all sung happy birthday to Cason. He had a super cool cake with a tractor and dump truck! The thing Cason was looking forward to the most about his cake, was not eating it but driving the dump truck across the icing and using the tractor to dig up the icing "dirt"!

first time on his bike

riding his bike outside

being sung happy birthday to

Aunt Tory making sure that he has the absolute most amount of sugar his system can hold

4 Year Questions:
What is your favorite color? yellow and blue
2. What is your favorite toy? cement truck and bulldozer
3. What is your favorite fruit? grapes
4. What is your favorite tv show? Bob the Builder
5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Chick-fil-a
6. What is your favorite outfit? Batman jama's (pajama's)
7. What is your favorite game? I don't like games
8. What is your favorite snack? grapes
9. What is your favorite animal? dogs like Herky dog
10. What is your favorite song? Hermie and Friends
11. What is your favorite book? A to Z Trucks
12. Who is your best friend? Rainey and Michael (both go to Myrna's with him)
13. What is your favorite cereal? Apple Jacks
14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Dig  
15. What is your favorite drink? Gatorade
16. What is your favorite holiday? Halloween17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? ipad
18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? donuts
19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Chick-fil-a. I want to do a movie night (we eat in front of the TV)
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? trash man

Dear Cason,
You are 4 years old now and your daddy and I can't believe it! You are a such a smart young man and we are loving watching you grow and change! You are a sweet and caring boy and you take care of your little sister even when she is annoying you. When we say our night night prayers you want to pray for everyone we know. Sometimes you will sneak up behind me and rub my back, hug me or tell me that you love me. I will cherish those moments forever! You are also a funny funny boy. You are always making us laugh. I think you have your daddy's humor! You have told us that your best friends are Rainey and Michael. You love playing with them. You still are shy when you go to a place you are not familiar with or are around people you don't know very well. You don't require a lot of sleep anymore much to my dismay. You rarely nap anymore and go to bed around 9 and wake up at 6 in the morning. Even though I am dragging at times, you have all the energy in the world! You love all things that motorized. Tractors, trash trucks, trains. You have spent hours watching trash truck videos on YouTube. You can tell me all of the different types of trash trucks and tractors. I will say, "Look Cason, there is a tractor" and you will respond with, "No Mama, that's and excavator".   I am curious to see what you grow up to be and who you become! I am so proud to be your mommy. I love you more than words can say!

Love, Mama

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Garbage Truck 4th Birthday Party!

This weekend we had Cason's 4th birthday party. He LOVES trash trucks and asked if he could have a trash truck party. There are very few trash truck themed parties but I did find some ideas on the Internet (actually not on Pinterest)! We decided to have it at a pavilion and playground in my parents neighborhood. The kids played on the playground and in the sand volleyball court.  The weather was PERFECT! It was warm and sunny (a little windy, but we were ok with that) and I think everyone had a great time!

Birthday Boy!

Crazy BeBe!

For lunch we had Sanitation Sandwiches, Peanut Butter and Junk, Landfill Chips, Trashcan Party Mix, Dump Dirt Cakes, Waste Water, and WONDERFUL Cookies and Dream Cupcakes!

The party favor bags had a recycled crayon, slime putty, trash truck coloring page and M&M's
After the party we spent the day at Grandad and BeBe's where Cason opened more presents!


Toby and I had been contemplating putting Cason in soccer this year but put it off until it was too late. Plus he didn't meet the age requirement for some of the programs. THEN we found out that the City of Rowlett was offering a 5 week Soccer Skills Camp for 3-5 year olds. They would practice once a week for 4 weeks and then on the 5th week play a game. We thought it was a perfect opportunity for Cason to learn some soccer skills. Plus it didn't put very much pressure on him to enjoy it or do well.

The first 2 practices were a DISASTER! He cried through the entire practice and wouldn't do anything unless Toby or I were standing right beside him. The 3rd practice was better only because we bribed him with a Batman Mask to do it by himself without crying. The 4th practice he didn't go to and the 5th practice/game he was sick so he didn't get to participate in :(. Needless to say, I am not sure if I see soccer in the future. If he does play he will be a little older!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 (We Made It!)

I am so glad that we got to go trick or treating this year! It almost didn't happen. Cason started running a low grade fever late in the afternoon but was acting totally fine (if not WAY to excited it was Halloween). We decided to go trick or treating and made it most of the way without Cason feeling too bad. He started feeling bad right at the end but WE DID IT! Whoo Hoo! Now Cason and I are both sick but hopefully everyone will feel better before his birthday part next weekend!

We went over to my parents house to trick or treat in their awesome neighborhood. We had dinner with cousins, Reid and Camille, and friend Teegan. After dinner it was trick or treating!
Cason was a tractor (we tried to convince him to be Bam Bam but that didn't work)
Molly was Pebbles (my mom made her pink Pebbles dress!)
Reid was a fire fighter (he helped put out "fires" around the neighborhood!)
Camille was a University of Tulsa cheerleader (her parents college)
Teegan was an adorable giraffe. I LOVE LOVE LOVE giraffes!

My little tractor :). This costume was so fitting for him. He loves heavy machinery! He wanted to be a trash truck but unfortunately couldn't find a trash truck costume. This was a good compromise!

Pebbles! I'm not sure why her mouth is wide open in every picture. She LOVED trick or treating!

The cousins in my dad's garden wagon. It makes for great transportation around the neighborhood!

This picture makes me laugh. It was the only one I could get of the 5 of them. A bunny ran by at this moment and made them all stand still enough for the picture. Too bad they weren't looking at me!

This sums up our night. Molly grabbing handfuls of candy out of my parents candy bowl. She would actually sneak out to get some more. We also found a sucker in her hair at the end of the night. That is a sign that this little girl had a blast!