Life With Cason AND Molly

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cason's 3rd Birthday!

Cason is 3! It is weird to say I have a 3 year old. This year we decided to forgo the big birthday party because all Cason wanted to do was to go to Chuck E.Cheese's. We let him invite his 2 closet friends Reid and Beau(and of course their younger sisters). He had blast!

On his actual birthday his BeBe and Grandad had a small family party at their house. His favorite present was a toy shop vac. He loves it!

A glance of Cason at 3.
28 lbs
wearing size 3T shirts and 2T pants
has a great sense of humor
loves tractors, trains, cars, and watching me and BeBe cook
loves playing on the i pad, especially Angry Birds
has a pretty good vocabulary but at times is a little hard to understand
loves doing anything with his daddy. He is a daddy's boy!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monster 1 and Monster 2

This year we let Cason pick out his Halloween costume. We looked on-line for about an hour before he settled on his blue monster costume. Him picking that costume was fitting because we are always calling him Monster 1 and Molly Monster 2. So of course we had to get Molly a pink monster costume. I felt kinda bad about her being a monster (it was really a dinosaur) for her first Halloween but this might be the only year to coordinate to two. Next year we will do something SUPER girly!

This year we had blast. It was seriously the best trick-or-treating I have ever been a part of. We went to my parents neighborhood in Allen. A lot of the people had there houses decorated and they all set out on their front porch to hand out the candy. There were hundreds of people trick-or-treating. We started out by meeting my sister and her family at my parents house and eating dinner. Then we got the kids dressed and off we went! This may have to be a tradition!

Here is the rundown of the kids costumes:
Cason-Blue Monster
Molly- Pink Monster
Reid- Fireman
Camielle- Fire Dog