Life With Cason AND Molly

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

7 Months and Peeing on Mommy's Head

We have been busy!
Cason turned 7 months on the 18th. He is now crawling, sitting, and pulling up and standing all by himself. Today I looked over and he had grabbed hold of the safety gate and was standing all by himself! Cason also loves using Toby and I as jungle gyms (we enjoy it too)!
7 month picture. It is getting harder and harder for little man to sit still to take his picture!

On the 14th Cason and his cousin Reid were dedicated to the Lord at church. Granny and Pawpaw, BeBe and Grandad, and many friends all came to watch. After church we had lunch at my sisters to celebrate.

After lunch Cason and I drove with my parents to College Station and spent the whole week there! It was fun except Cason had a nasty cold and went to the doctor twice. My parents let me sleep late every day that I was there. They are awesome! Cason enjoyed getting spoiled rotten too!

Sunday was of course Toby's First Father's Day. Cason gave him a gift card to go play golf at Tour 18. Toby deserves it because he is the best daddy ever! He loves his little boy more than anything in the world. I love watching them play together and cuddle together. I think I have said this before but Toby can make Cason laugh harder than anyone. Cason lights up every night when he sees his daddy come through the door. Thank you Toby for being a great father and husband. I love you!

And last but not least, a fun story. Last night I was kneeling down by the bathtub to give Cason a bath and Toby was behind me getting Cason undressed. All of the sudden, I felt something wet on my back and head. At first I thought Toby was ringing out a wet washcloth on me then I heard him say, "Oh no!". I knew immediately what was happening. Cason was peeing on my head! Before either of us had time to react he had literally soaked me. I had pee running down my face. We could do nothing but laugh for a while. I have questioned Toby several times if he had planned that and he swears he didn't. I wish I had a picture!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crawling at 6 Months!

Yes, it's true, my little man is crawling. The past couple of days he has been kind of shaky but today he has really taken off. He loves to follow me and Hercules around.

We had to start baby proofing.

Cason says, "Do you really think this is going to last?"

Since I am way behind on posting here is what we have been up to during the month of May.
1. Cason went to Arkansas to surprise his Great Geema for her 80th birthday party.

2. Holden and Melodie came to visit.

3. I finished out the school year. Yay! I am a stay at home mommy for 2 months! We can have lots of play dates with our friends!
Here are Cason's stats too.
24 in. long
16 lbs.
size 3 diapers
favorite food: carrots
favorite toy: an empty bottle of water
activities: crawling, trying to sit by himself (he can for a couple of seconds), and he has started to throw fits. Really? They do that this early?