Life With Cason AND Molly

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Describing Dada

This Father's Day was pretty low key. The kids gave Toby some ear buds and a new Texas Tech Garden Flag. We went to church and had my family over for some grilling and pool fun!

Toby is truly the best dad to our kids! I am so thankful to have been raised by a wonderful dad AND to have married one too!

Here are some adjectives to describe Toby as a father:
From Cason:
brave, strong, funny, bread winner (these are my words, he actually said that Dada makes money so we can buy a new house)

From Me:
kind patient disciplined intelligent
caring upbeat hilarious calm
sensitive energetic

What We Have Been Up To This Summer

I have loved being at home with my kiddo's this summer. I knew it would be challenging with their ages (and it is) but it is going really well! We don't have any major vacations planned and are hanging out here at home.

Molly has been working on her fine motor skills.

Cason has been working on his lacing cards :)

Funny Story: It was storming one afternoon and the kids had been stuck inside so after their baths we took them for a walk. It was sunny outside so we decided to walk around our entire neighborhood. It is a little over a mile. About half way it started to pour! We walked/ran all the way home and were soaked. Since we were wet we let Cason play in the puddles. He had a blast and I am pretty impressed at the picture taking skills of my husband!

Of course I had to get in on the action too!

We played in boxes and built box cities.

Cason has been his usual silly self.

We have played with water beads. I have seen them on some blogs this summer and thought the kids would love them. I did have a hard time keeping them out of Miss Molly's mouth so she didn't play with them much. And yes, Cason is still in his pajamas in this picture because he had strep throat. Who get's strep in the summer? He missed his little summer camp at church so out came the water beads!

This is a close up of the water beads. They are super cool! They start out really really tiny and when you put them in water they expand to the size of a large marble. They are not sticky and are nontoxic! When you are finished with them you can let them dry up to their tiny size and use them again later!