Life With Cason AND Molly

Monday, August 25, 2014


Today was Cason's first day of Kindergarten! He has been looking forward to this day for a while now and I think he enjoyed it! When Toby woke him up this morning his first words were, "Am I going to have homework?". I was anxious all weekend but this morning I was too busy to be emotional. That's probably good since my first graders started coming to my class 3 minutes after I left Cason in his Kindergarten class! No one needs a teacher in tears on the first day! It was a different first day for me. The whole day I kept wanting to go check on Cason and I kept wondering what he was doing. I was able to spy on him a couple of times. Both times I saw him he wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing! Hopefully that will change! Several teachers and our principals talked with Cason throughout the day. They all said he was happy!  At the end of the day he was pretty tired.  I treated him to his favorite dinner of BBQ Cups.

Yes, it's dark. Too early to be awake!

Cason's sweet teacher, Mrs. Abrams

Already taking care of his lunchbox. He went in to his class with no problems! Like he has been doing this forever! 

He survived the day! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Goodbye Summer

Sigh.....It's that time again. Time to go back to school. I go back tomorrow and then Cason will start Kindergarten on the 25th!!!! Here is a recap of our summer:
  • Perot Museum and Clyde-Warren Park
  • swimming lessons
  • Destin Vacation
  • Summer Camp at church
  • swimming
  • playing at the park
  • riding bikes
  • playing with cousins
  • swimming
  • Summer Camp at church
  • taking walks
  • swimming lessons
  • trip to Lubbock
  • playing with friends
  • learning activities
  • going to Grandad and BeBe's house
  • swimming
  • trip to the zoo
  • lots of family time
We have been busy! It was another great summer. I loved spending time with kids. I worked in my classroom all day today and I missed them so much. It is going to be a huge adjustment. 

I am SO proud of both Cason and Molly. They are swimming all by themselves! Cason had just started to at the end of last summer and picked up right where he left off. He can swim across the pool, dive under water, float on his back and he is learning to tread water. Molly can swim by herself too. She can come up for breaths and keep swimming and float on her back. She is fearless so I have to keep an eye on her at all times. They both learned a lot this summer. 

Cason sliding down the slide at our neighborhood pool. It is a right of passage to be able to slide down it. You have to be tall enough and be able to swim to the stairs unassisted. There are lifeguards in the water with them but Cason could swim by himself! He is very proud of his accomplishment and so are we!

Molly playing dress-up at Grandad and BeBe's
 The first weekend of summer Granny, Aunt Tory, Travis, Jake and Tamra came to visit us. We crammed the Perot Children's Museum, Clyde-Warren Park and swimming into one day. The kids were exhausted!
We are racing t-rex. You can't see him but he is on the screen

This is at Clyde-Warren Park, It is an urban park in the middle of downtown Dallas. Literally in the middle. It sits on a huge overpass over a highway. Skyscrapers surround the park. It is awesome. They have food trucks there every day and a park/splash pad for the kids. 

These next few pictures were taken by Grandad before church one morning. The kid's had spent the night with them.

Mr. Serious 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Trip to Lubbock

We took our summer trip to Lubbock mid-July this year. It was a short but good trip.  A "cold" front had just come through so the weather was BEAUTIFUL! The first day we were there Uncle Thomas wanted to take pictures of his family so we tagged along and I took some of Cason and Molly. Unfortunately Molly got pretty sick that first night so we laid low the next day. We did manage to get out a couple of days later. We went to The Silent Wing Museum. It was about the gliders that were used in WWII. The kids had fun looking at the planes. Hopefully we will have more time in Lubbock over Thanksgiving and Christmas. The kid's love seeing their Granny and Papaw and playing with their cousins.

Just in case you thought that our kids stood quietly and posed for pictures. Here is a snapshot of what MOST of our pictures look like. 


The Fourth of July in 2014 was a lot like the Fourth in 2013. A week before the actual holiday we went to my parents annual 4th of July parade. This year we only went to the parade and not the party. We were going to go to Lubbock for the 4th but Toby had some unexpected work things come up so we stayed here. On the 4th we went to our neighborhood parade and then to Steve and Connie's for swimming and BBQ. After that we went to see the City of Plano's fireworks. It was a busy but super fun day!

                                                             Twin Creeks Parade

Maxwell Creek Parade

                                                   Fireworks in Plano

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Trip to the Dallas Zoo

On August 1 (the date is important) we went to the zoo. Let me say that again. In AUGUST we went to the zoo and we didn't die of heat exhaustion! The high that day was 83. I'm not sure it even got over 80 degrees. In August people!! It was amazing!
Cason, Molly and I went with Grandad, BeBe, Aunt Allison, Reid, Camille and Bennett. We rode the DART for an extra layer of fun.
Cousins on the DART

That's a lot of fun on the train. I feel sorry for the guy behind us :)

See! We were wearing jackets. In August! 

Cason feeding a giraffe. 

The one attempt to get a picture of all 5 kids. Fail. 

The map readers. 

Picnic time

Croc wrestling.