Life With Cason AND Molly

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Matthew 19:14, Molly's Baby Dedication

Jesus said, Let the children come to Me...For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children".

Molly was dedicated this morning at The Heights Baptist Church. It actually has more to do with Toby and I then Molly. The church prayed for our family that we would be good Christian examples and raiser her in a Godly way. Both of the kids did great with their short stay in the church service! My parents, Aunt Allison and Uncle Brian, Eric and Sally Loyd were there to support us.

After the service we all went out to eat at B.J's. Molly received a tiny New Testament from the church, a toddler Bible, from my parents and a Bedtime Prayer Recordable book from Toby and I. The last picture is of Molly at the restaurant. She has decided to not eat food and instead eat cars.

10 Months Old!

Molly is 10 months old! I am loving watching her little personality develop more and more each day. She is such a sweet little girl.

At 10 Months:
Nicknames: Mo, Mo Mo, Moskey, Mosbey
Funny Habits: She loves to stick her tongue out. It is especially cute when she crawls, pants, and drools all at the same time. We call her our little puppy dog.
Accomplishments: She is holding her own bottle, drinking out of a sippy cup, standing by her self for short periods of time and getting interested in eating solid foods.

Molly's favorite toys are her brothers. She loves cars and tools. This really stresses Cason out. He tries to give her one of her toys if she is playing with one of his. We are working on sharing!

Molly is going to be evaluated by ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) later this month for her eating issues. I really don't think she will qualify at this point but it is still a good idea to get her evaluated just to make sure she is on track. She has actually started eating Cherrio's, Graham Crackers, and yogurt pretty consistently. She also at a couple of french fries today! Not the healthiest choice but we are taking small steps!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Part 3 (Molly's First Christmas) ((Christmas with the Browns))

This was our first Christmas at my parents new house in Allen. It was nice to not have to drive from Lubbock to College Station this year! We celebrated our Christmas on the 31st. It was a beautiful day. I think it got close to 70 degrees. It was the total opposite of our Christmas in Lubbock where it snowed!

We enjoyed our day with my parents, Geema, and my sisters family. We played ALL day

9 Months

Molly is 9 months old!She is a very busy 9 month old!

Her stats:
18 1/2 pounds
28 inches long
3 teeth, working on the 4th.
She is pulling up to the standing position. She loves to stand.
She loves it when people clap and she joins in! She was actually clapping at 8 months but I forgot to mention it in her 8 month post.

Molly is having a few issues eating solid foods. She is totally refusing baby food and won't really eat table food. She did try yogurt this week and seems to like it ok. Hopefully we will get this all worked out or else she will have to go to eating therapy. Obviously she is not hurting for food. She LOVES her formula but she needs to be learning how to eat other food.

She loves to play, especially with her brother. He doesn't' like playing with her as much as she does. Her favorite toys are her brothers cars.

This last picture makes me laugh. This is mad Molly. I have to document all areas of her personality, right? She can be quite the drama queen!