Life With Cason AND Molly

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

And we got one! Toby, Cason and I spent our Christmas in Lubbock this year. The night we got here it snowed several inches and there is still snow on the ground today. We all had a great Christmas. Enjoy the pictures!

Cason got his basketball goal before we left to go to Lubbock.

Look at all this snow!

Cason hated it!

But he got to wear his super cute cap and matching mittens his Aunt Allison gave him.

Our Christmas Eve family traditions of reading the Birth Story of Jesus and The Night Before Christmas, and opening pajamas (or in Cason's case, a sleep sack)

Santa brought Cason a Bee Bop Band the next morning!

Today we built a snowman

and played with cousins.

Toby, Cason, and I wish you all a belated Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Visit to the North Pole

Cason went to the north Pole!

Where he met

and wasn't too happy about it either.
He took pictures with mom and dad

and went to the beach?!

Who knew the north pole has a sandy beach?

I guess the only place you can find the North Pole and the beach is the Bass Pro Shop. This weekend was the first time I had experienced Bass Pro. It's not quite my "thing" BUT the North Pole set up was so pretty and fun! Toby and I took Cason back on Monday to get his picture taken with Santa. We spent about an hour there and Cason had a blast! He loved looking at the big fish but we didn't get a picture of that. We had so much fun and we may even go back next year!