Life With Cason AND Molly

Monday, July 31, 2017


It has been a while since we have taken bluebonnet pictures. After church on Easter Sunday we ran over this hill in Wylie for a few quick pictures. I am so glad we did it! ***One child is more willing to take pictures than the other child. The "other child" was running around looking for snakes, bugs and rocks.****

Easter 2017

We had a great Easter Weekend. We had our annual Brown Family Egg Hunt and worshiped our Risen Lord. 


This Spring Break we were able to re-create "Cousin's Take Arkansas" from a couple of years ago. My awesome parents rented a house in Springdale and we spent the days at Geema's house. In all the chaos of the school year, this is the perfect place to relax! 

There were many hours of digging in the dirt.

The ivy that is covering this tree came from mine and Toby's wedding. My Geema brought a tiny sprig of ivy home with her and planted it by this tree. She had no idea it would grow like this! I call this tree our "Love Tree". 12 years of growth!

My sister and I used to play in the dirt in this exact same spot. 

We didn't have a truck to take open air rides in so we improvised! 

Feeding chickens at Uncle James' house.

Nancy gave each child a fresh hen egg. They were all different colors

Fossil/Arrowhead hunting

Kite Flying 

The last day we were there Uncle James let us take the gator out for some rides!

You Shoot, You Score!

Cason played in 2 different basketball leagues this year. In the fall he played at PSA. His team was the Tigers. In the winter he played through Wylie Basketball League and was on the Cougars.  The Cougars made it to the championship game and came in 2nd place in the league! Cason was really proud of his team!