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Monday, July 3, 2017

Christmas Break and Christmas Eve 2016

We started out our Christmas Break by going to the Children't Arboretum with Grandad, BeBe, and the McFarlands. It was pretty cold but ended up being a nice day!

Cason has decided that he is scared of heights. Grandad and I are forcing him to sit in the "birdhouse" nets. He was mostly laughing :)

Monkey Girl
 Of course we had to have our traditional ginger bread decorating festivities with cousins. This was the first year I was really able to hang back and let my kids take control. They did an awesome job!

We were luck enough to have a Christmas visit from Aunt Beth! Of course she spoiled all of us with treats!
We also went looking at Christmas Lights. We always enjoy this tradition until someone get's carsick! 

Grandad and BeBe took us back to the Arboretum, but this time it was a night. A few times close to Christmas they open up the Arboretum at night to view their 12 Days of Christmas Displays. It was magical! The kids had a wonderful time running around in the Christmas Lights. 

A picture of the whole gang. Reid, Cason, Bennett (not facing the camera), Collin, Uncle Brian, Camille, Grandad, Aunt Allison, me, Molly, Toby, and BeBe

Camille and Molly loved the "fancy ladies". AKA 9 Ladies Dancing. 

When there's mistletoe.......
It was later this night that things did not go well. Toby came down with a HORRIBLE stomach bug. That left me to do all the Christmas Eve celebrations, wrapping the rest of the presents, packing for Lubbock and sterilizing the house by myself the next day. I had to pray A LOT. But the kids and I managed to make it to the Christmas Eve service at church with Grandad and Bebe and the McFarlands. And afterwards we celebrated with our traditional tortilla soup and unwrapping of our pajama's. We were sad that Toby couldn't be there with us but we wanted him well before Christmas Day. 

Off to the Christmas Eve service we go! And we made it on time! 

Silent Night, HOLY Night
Family Christmas Eve picture. Minus Toby. Who had the black plague. 

Cousin pajama picture! They were ALL looking at the camera! 
 When we got home the kids were able to open their Christmas Eve gifts from us. You can see Toby's knee in the picture! First time all day he got out of bed.

I even got footie pajama's WITH a hood. They are wonderful. It's like wearing a blanket that doesn't fall off! I "might" have worn them all winter!

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