Life With Cason AND Molly

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Arboretum Time!

We went on our annual fall trip to the Dallas Arboretum with my parents. It was super short trip this year because it starting raining on us after being there for 30 min. Despite that we were able to have a picnic lunch with my parents and get a few pictures in.

Harry Potter and a Ballerina Kity

Halloween was wild and crazy as usual. We actually did something a little different but rewarding. A couple of years ago our church stopped doing their Fall Festival and encouraged us to have block parties. The reason behind this was for us to engage with our neighbors and get to know them. Honestly we have lived in our house for 3 years and really only know 1 neighbor. Toby and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get to know more of our neighbors. Luckily, Sally and Eric Loyd live in our neighborhood and were able to help us out too. We cooked hot dogs and chili and had a bounce house. We had several neighbors come out to join us! It was a really good time. I wish we had done this sooner. After the block party we went trick-or-treating with the Loyds and the Williams. Fun was had by all!

Cason as Harry Potter

Molly as a Ballerina Kitty. That's a whole lot of sass right there. 

We started out Halloween at Dodd's Boo Bash. This is Cason and his buddies Wade and Max. Wade was Ron Wesely and Max was Harry Potter too. 

Molly and her friend Macy. 

Cason and some of the boys Cason plays with after school. Cason, Wade, Max, Brady T. and Brady L
Block Party fun. 

We hosted the Block Party in our front yard. 

There are no words for this picture. No words. Pray for us when she is a teenager. 

Trick-or-treating time! 

Tooth Fairy Paid a Visit

TO MOLLY! 2 weeks after starting kindergarten she lost her first tooth. It happened on September 5th. She kept complaining that her teeth were hurting. If finally dawned on me that she might have a wiggly tooth and sure enough she did! There was a little drama with the fact that we had to pull it. She has a fear of blood. Once is was wiggly enough she let me pull out (with some crying and screaming of course) . She was super pumped about about finally getting it out. After another 2 weeks she lost her other bottom tooth. She is a cute toothless girl!

Texas State Fair

We have all lived in Texas our entire lives and Toby and I have lived in Dallas for 12-13 years. AND we have never gone to the State Fair even though it was a 30 min drive. The kids and I get free tickets every year through my school. This year, with 3 free tickets, we decided to go. We met the part of the Loyd family there. The fair is always more fun with friends!  The kids had fun at the petting zoo and the rides. We spent a lot of time standing in line. We went on a Monday that we had off of school. Even though it was a Monday, it was CROWDED! I finally had my first taste of fair food, a fried Reese's Peanut Butter cup. It was AMAZING!
My little pork chops

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Cason feeding an ostrich. They were feisty! 

The kids with Big Tex. Unfortunately the lighting didn't allow me to get a good picture of Big Tex. 

Cason and Beau shopping for their truck. 

State Fair! Yay! 

Too cool for a pic. 

We stuck to the little rides. 

Fight Raiders Fight

Toby has been talking about going to a home Texas Tech game for years. We have taken Cason to a couple in Dallas but never one at Tech. Molly had never been game so we picked a date, packed our red and black and went to Lubbock. Tech played SFA and won 69 - 17! The kids had a blast and did great despite not leaving until 10:30. 
We watched the "Goin Band From Raider Land" warm up. When they played the National Anthem, Cason stood at attention. 

Kids with Soap Suds

Family Pic

High five from Raider Red