Life With Cason AND Molly

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Girls Trip + Grandad

My parents have had some fun days with Cason and Reid so this time is was all about the girls! My parents, Geema, Aunt Allison, Camille, Molly and I all went to eat at Potbellies and then headed to the Dallas Arboretum. We realized that this was probably the first time that Camille and Molly had been around each other without their brothers. They enjoyed every minute of it! It was a gorgeous day in January!
Molly and Grandad

Silly Girls

Rolling in the grass

and wrestling cousins

Mommy and Molly picture(excuse the way I look, I had just run 18 miles. Fixing my hair wasn't in the cards that day)

4 generations of Ramey girls!

Attempting to take a picture with Grandad and the girls.

Happy 2014!

We hosted a New Year's Day Lunch at our house this year. My parents were there and Allison, Reid and Camille. Unfortunately Bennett was battling RSV so him and Brian decided to stay home. This is the only picture I had of our day.

The following day Aunt Allison and Uncle Brian treated the whole family to a trip to the Heard Nature and Science Museum. They had their moving dinosaurs on display but the only problem was they wouldn't turn them on because it was 32 degrees! Regardless we still had a blast!
Digging for dinosaur bones!

Cason on a hike with BeBe. Yes, those are socks on my kids hands. I got up super early that morning and went looking for gloves but Wal-Mart didn't have any. Don't judge, they kept their little hands warm!

Cousins, minus Bennett

The kids getting a lesson on a turtle. Cason had quite a few remarks to add because he is an expert in all things wildlife. He has watched one to many Call of the Wildman episodes.

Cason with a rattle snake. He is really into snakes right now!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Family Photo's

In the fall my parents arranged for us to take some family photo's. I thought it was going to be a disaster with all of the kids but it went surprisingly well and we have some decent pictures!

Christmas With The Brown's

After we got back from Lubbock we celebrated Christmas with my family. It was yet another fun and relaxing day with more awesome food!

Yay! A backhoe!

Funny story: Both of my parents asked for socks for Christmas and my dad's were back ordered. I thought it would be cute to wrap Molly's socks so my dad had something to open. He thought I was trying to tell him in a clever way that we were expecting baby #3! Never saw that one coming! For the record, I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!!!

See, my mom got socks too!

Molly playing with her super cool doll house wearing her supper cool outfit from Grandad and Bebe!

Cousins in their matching Christmas PJ's.