Life With Cason AND Molly

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 Days, 10 hours, 44 min., and 27 Seconds

Until I am out of school for SUMMER VACATION!!!! WHOOOO HOOO! Cason and I have a full summer planned. We are going to go to Tiny Tots and Tunes Summer Camp at church together, we are taking swimming lessons together, I am planning on taking Cason to Toddler Story time at our public library, there are several other activites at church like beach day and petting zoo that we will go too. I also hope to have several play dates with friends that I don't get to see very often. So call me sometime and we will get togther! (My nickname this time of year is Summer Sarah. I am a lot more fun during the summer!) The sad part of the summer is that Toby and I are going to leave Cason with my mom for 8 DAYS to go on vacation with another couple. 8 DAYS people....I am trying to be excited but and really worried about how Cason will do. And how I will do!

I will leave you with a preview of what I hope our summer is going to be like!

Cute flip flops and playing in the sprinkler!

In other news, Toby and Cason flew BY THEMSELVES to Lubbock a couple of weekends ago. Toby's mom (aka Granny) had knee surgery so they went to visit her. Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend. Granny, I did not post any pictures of you b/c Caosn told me that you were a little shy in front of the camera :)

BTW, Cason did pretty well for his first flight. I am a little sad that I was not there to experience it with him!

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Silly 17 Month Old Boy

Cason has been doing some really silly things lately. Toby and I laugh WITH him a million times a day. See for yourself!

For some reason Cason REALLY wanted to wear his hat. In this picture you can see that he also has a love affair with his INFANT paci's. I often wonder if will will go to kindergarten sucking on these things.

Cason LOVES putting food in his hair and it's always yellow food for some weird reason. The first picture is mac and cheese and the next one is peaches.

Here he is pretending that his Lego table is a boat.

Wearing mommy's sunglasses, and there's that darn paci again!

Helping Daddy mow the yard. Don't worry the lawn mower isn't on!

Since I am WAY behind on blogging (the end of the school year is about to do me in) here are Cason's 2nd annual bluebonnet pictures that we took about a month ago.