Life With Cason AND Molly

Sunday, August 28, 2011

5 Months!

Molly is officially 5 months old today! She is growing like a weed. Every day I look at her and wonder where my little bitty baby has gone!

This past months she has learned how to spit and she spits A LOT!!! She is also rolling over from her back to belly and belly to back. Now it is impossible to keep her on her tummy. These past 2 weeks have been some big changes for Molly. I have gone back to work full time so she is at Myrna's house with Cason. So far so good! I'm not enjoying it but she seems to be doing okay. I also had to start giving her a bottle of formula at night b/c she is hungry ALL the time and my milk supply in not increasing with her appetite :(. We are actually going to give her cereal for the first time tonight!
Molly has also started playing in our exersaucer! She seems to like it for short periods of time. I hope she starts to like it for longer periods because she has no interest in her swing, which she used to love.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer 2011

The summer is coming to an end. We didn't go on any big vacations this year. We went to Lubbock for the 4th but that's it. We were going to put our house on the market but decided to wait. But we did a ton of fun things.
Cason went to "big boy school"! It was really a summer camp at our church. He only went 4 times during the summer but he LOVED it. I was way more nervous than he was. He got to take his lunch in a lunch box and sleep on a nap mat. Now every time we go to church on Sun. he wants to take his lunch box and nap mat!

We played in the sprinkler and swam in the blow up pool.

Cason also built a house out of boxes. Complete with a grill and everything!

Cason and Toby did yard work and work around the house. We took a TON of trips to Home Depot. Cason likes to call it it Heem Boto. So that is our nickname for the store now. HE begs me to take him so sometimes I take Cason to Home Depot just to get out of the house.
We also went to a play group with other moms and children that are in our Sunday School class. It was good to be around other moms even though it was hard to visit at times.

Cason and Molly and I also spent a ton of time with my parents now that they live in Allen. I am not sure I would have survived the summer without them! It has been a challenging summer with 2 kiddo's but one that I would not trade. I have learned so much about both Cason and Molly. During the school year I always feel like I am missing out on so much in their lives. But I am thankful I have a few months out of the year every year to be a stay at home mom.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

4 Month Old Molly

Molly turned 4 months old on July 28th.

Her Stats:
12 lbs. 6 oz.
26 in. long.
Cute as a button!

Her Firsts:
She rolled over, found her toes which she loves to suck on, met her Great Geema, wore her first swim suit, and started laughing. She laughs at Toby more than me. She is a Daddy's Girl!

Great Geema

Molly loves her toes!