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Tuesday, August 1, 2017


That's right my baby finished Kindergarten this year! It's crazy how fast time flies by. Molly LOVES school and LOVES her teacher. Her favorite thing in school was art. If you know her and her love of art you probably aren't surprised.  At the beginning of the year her teacher told me she hardly ever talks. And if she talks she does it in a whisper voice. I laughed hysterically when I heard that. Molly is VERY talkative and pretty loud at home. She is extremely shy in new situations though. She came out of her shell around Christmas.
Mrs. Patterson came to our house for a home visit because she couldn't make it to Meet the Teacher. 

First Day of School Picture

We have "Think College Thursday's" every Thursday. We wear our college gear. Stay tuned for Hardin-Simmons shirts next school year!

Molly was Ladybug Girl at our book parade. 

Breakfast With Grandparents. Great Geema even got to come!

Crazy Hair Day for Red Ribbon Week

Pajama Day for Red Ribbon Week (it was early, they were not in the mood)

Super Hero Day at Red Ribbon Week

Molly running at our Booster-thon. The kids earned money for each lap they ran. That money went towards playground equipment. 
Career Day. Molly wants to be a baker when she grows up!

Super Bowl Sunday (this was at church)
Molly and her friend Macy

Valentines Day Party
Big Brother made a Valentine box so Molly had to do one too. It's a unicorn.
Dr. Seuss dress-up day. She was Fox in Sox.

Molly as Fox in Sox and Macy as Cindi-Lou-Who.
Molly did a great job at her Kinder Musical. It was Get Up and Grow and of course it was adorable!

Muffin's With Mom with these silly kids.
Molly's kinder field trip was at the Dallas Zoo. I went as a chaperone and had a blast with her and her classmate, Stormy. 

Field Day

End of the Year Kindergarten Graduation!

Molly and Mrs. Patterson.

Last Day Of School. She already looks older!

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