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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pokemon Birthday

This year, for Cason's 8th birthday, we celebrated Pokemon style. I decided to have it at our house. You all should all know by now that I love a good themed birthday party!

This was a game similar to pin the tale on the donkey. I blindfolded them and they had to poke their hand through a cup and pull out a Pokemon card.  
We had a Pokeball hunt. 

The boys trading Pokemon cards.

Pokeball hunting

Dodge Ball

Nerf gun war

Cason's friends at his party: Wade, Reid, Molly, Camille, Bennett, Dylan, Brady L. Jared, Max, Luke, Aaden and Robby

That was a whole lot of boys at our house and it was CRAZY! But Cason had fun and that's all that matters! 

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